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Terms and conditions and Privacy Policy

The Terms

We will do our best to provide unbiased, truthful information to our visitors and users.
We will also do our best to improve our services and ensure our users obtain satisfaction from using our paid services.
That being said, we must protect ourselves from misuse and bad faith. Hence, the below terms, conditions and policy ("The Terms")., related pages, and services ("The Website") are provided as is.

We leverage several external (third party) technologies, most notably the API of Open AI to embed your data into vectors and provide answers to messages. Your data and the operations are performed on secured servers provided by Heroku.
We also use a large number of Python frameworks and modules. As a result of all those external dependencies, we can never guarantee the accuracy and reliability of our services.
In addition, there might be errors from our side. Either due to technical reasons like bugs or due to errors.
When using The Website, you fully understand these limitations and associated risks.
More explicitly, we cannot be held responsible for any issue, loss, or damage incurred by using the Website.
The Website and its representatives will not be held liable for any inaccuracies, errors, or omissions that may occur.
By using the Website, you acknowledge and accept these limitations and associated risk
All information and services on and related pages are provided "as is".
We are not providing any warranty of any kind.

More explicitly, we cannot be held responsible for any issue, loss, or damage incurred by using the Website.
Neither the Website, nor its representatives are guarantying the results of using our technology.

As a result, we strongly recommend you to add your own checks and processes in place before using the Website in a production environment.
You are responsible for any damages and / or consequences which can be incurred following the use of the Website.
Please note that we reserve our right to discontinue The Website, at our sole discretion, with or without prior notice. Similarly, we reserve our right to limit or terminate your access to The Website, at our sole discretion, with or without prior notice.
If any of those cases happen, you are not entitled to any indemnities or claims.

We shall explain the reasons which can lead us to take such measures in our Terms of Use. For the time being, such Terms can be understood as the following. Unless explicitly approved by a representative of The Website any reproduction or copy of any content found in The Website, is strictly forbidden. Is equally forbidden any attempt to access the databases, servers, and any use of automated software (crawler, scrapping, etc.) on The Website.

You agree to indemnify any damage and costs incurred from such action, including lawyers' fees and associated legal expenses.
Should any issue arise as a consequence of using our Website, you acknowledge that you will seek a resolution in good faith and in accordance with this Policy.

Data Policy

We are collecting user data in one of three ways:
  • Through Google Analytics, whose privacy policy can be found here: Google Analytics policy.
  • Through the basic header when any request is made to one of our endpoint. This is mostly to mitigate the risks of fraudulent behaviors.
  • If you use the service, when customizing your chatbot or when sending user messages to Open AI for processing and generating the answer. Since March 1st 2023, Open AI is no longer using the data to train their model - read more here: Open AI policy.

This data collection is only meant to help us improve the Website and to provide customization to your chatbot. We are not sharing nor selling that information to any other third party.
We may update those terms periodically in order to reflect changes to our practices or for other operational, legal, or regulatory reasons.
Should the Policy be updated, the new Policy is immediately in effect and applicable to any new usage of The Website.

Last update: 20th of March 2023.


Below are the various channels you can use to contact us:
  • For any business inquiries, please reach out to me on Linkedin.
  • For any other query, please send an email to dispaigency 'at' gmail 'dot' com.

Thank you for using