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Use your data illustration for upload Upload a PDF • Copy-paste a text • Scrap a website. All from Telechat.
Design your AI illustration for design your AI Finetune the knowledge base • Choose your AI's personality • And more.
Connect to the world illustration for connection to the world Connect your AI to Telegram and make it available anywhere anytime.
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No coding skills required.
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Customize your AI with Telechat - Dashboard
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Set up your Telegram bot and make it available to anyone in just a few clicks.
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With Telechat, you can edit your AI's knowledge just like you would edit an email.
Customize your Chatbot 🤖
Decide whether your chatbot can answer outside of the data you give him or not.
Going beyond Telegram? 🛰️
Telechat lets you build your custom ChatGPT-powered Telegram bot.

Technically, your chatbot can then be connected to any other channels.
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Customize your AI with Telechat - Dashboard
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